Gene Pool: Unnatural Selection

Can love exist in a world where human beings take charge of their own evolution?

For thousands of years human beings have dreamed of immortality, of reversing the aging process, of enhancing beauty and retaining the vigor and vitality of youth – forever. In the year 2059 this dream is at last within our grasp. But as biologic engineers finally achieve total control over the fundamental mechanics of life and the ability to change the course of human evolution, will this awesome power alter the meaning of love, the nature of relationships and society, and even the very definition of what it means to be human?

Such concerns are most decidedly not on the mind of Amadé Bertrand, a young, investigative journalist with the New York Times. Amadé is worried that her career is stalling out after a meteoric – and some would say undeserved – rise to the top of her profession. As Amadé ponders her next career move, an anonymous and cryptic tip lands in her inbox about GeneTech, the largest and most powerful of the new generation of bioengineering companies.

Amadé’s quest to uncover the meaning of this mysterious message leads her to Whitfield Gray, a senior GeneTech executive with a dark secret that if exposed could destroy the company and threaten the biotech revolution. Drawn to the brash and mysterious Whitfield, Amadé is forced to make a series of choices that will shape the future of humanity as she uncovers a web of intrigue from the GeneTech board room to the White House and beyond.

Gene Pool: Unnatural Selection is the first book in a four-part science fiction series that explores a world where bioengineering becomes the master science influencing every aspect of society. A mystery at its core, ambition, power, wealth and love drive the fast-paced story that revolves around a fascinating cast of characters in a world that may soon move from science fiction to our reality.